Shooting Supplies

We carry an extensive range of clothing and accessories for all shooting and country life requirements, all tried and tested by ourselves

outdoor clothing

Quality clothing brands include

  • Le Chameau, Niffi Jumpers
  • Hoggs of Fife, Browning Skeet Vests
  • Heritage, Beretta
  • Whitewater outdoors camouflage
  • Realtree, Pennine Socks
  • Benjamin James Ties, Mascot
  • P&J Haggarts bespoke shooting suits
  • Grassroots
country footwear

Leading brand country footwear

  • Churrka
  • Aigle
  • Regent
  • Matterhorne
  • Le Chameau
  • Hunter
RealTree Camo

Pigeon Shooter Supplies

We cater for all the requirements of today’s pigeon shooter including flappers, floaters and rotary decoy machine, lofting and hide poles, camouflage netting and the full range of Realtree® clothing.

shotgun cartridges

Cartridge Selection

  • Gamebore
  • Eley
  • Express
  • Rio
  • Rottwell
  • Hull


rifle ammunition

Ammunition Selection

Centerfire & Rimfire

  • Winchester
  • Remmington
  • RWS
  • Eley
  • CCI
  • Federal
security cabinet1

Security Cabinet Collection

Quality Security Cabinets for your valuables, guns and ammunition at competitive prices from stock or made to measure.

Full details and further information

Choose from a range of quality accessories with brands including:-

  • Lightforce
  • Dykes
  • Bisley
  • Maglites
  • Leatherman
  • Napier
  • RWS
  • Parker Hale
  • Dents
  • Butler Creek
  • Pacmire
  • Clu Light
  • Logun
  • Tracer max
  • GMk
  • Deben
  • Whitby
  • Fieldsports

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